About Watchmasters

I founded Watchmasters & Company over twenty years ago out of pure passion for fine mechanical watches. Many years ago I became fascinated with Rolex, the watches, the company, its founder (Hans Wilsdorf), and the rich history behind this watch. Watchmasters is not affiliated or authorized in any way by Rolex USA.  The addition of Custom or aftermarket parts will void manufacturers original warranty and will prohibit or preclude factory service.

In my humble opinion, Rolex is the most unique watch in the world by virtue of the heartfelt connection wearers have for this timepiece. I have personally sold or serviced countless Rolex watches to or for political leaders, school teachers, movie stars and Hollywood personalities, Veterans of every service, past and present, corporate leaders and hard-working folks whose dream it has been to own a Rolex. The common thread between all of these diverse walks of life is their respective passion for their Rolex. I have not seen this level of heart-felt connection with any other watch brand in the world.

Preowned Rolex Watches

Watchmasters & Company exclusively offers mint, preowned, discount, Rolex watches and elegant custom dials, diamond bezels and accessories at exceptional values. We also offer complete detailed service for your Rolex at great value and in timely fashion. All of our Rolex watches and services are guaranteed for one year. We take great pride in our honesty and integrity with thousands of truly satisfied customers, for over two decades.

It is my/our Rolex mission to proliferate, educate, and to simply make Rolex dreams come true and here at Watchmasters & Company, we do that everyday!

The Watchmasters Team