Watchmasters Rolex Frequently Asked Questions


1) What is an authorized Rolex dealer?

An Authorized Dealer for any product, purchases that product directly from the Manufacturer at a discount but MUST adhere strictly to the Pricing, Terms and Conditions of the Manufacturer. The Buyer of this product will receive a factory-new item warranted by the manufacturer.

2) Why is Watchmasters & Company not an authorized dealer of Rolex or other brands?

Watchmasters & Company, by not being an authorized Dealer of Rolex or other brands, is able to buy from the Wholesale or Secondary Market and offer high quality and service with the buyer receiving a significant Discount from retail prices without sacrificing quality.

3) Watchmasters & Company offers like new Rolex watches. Why are these labeled pre-owned Rolex watches?

All of the Rolex watches offered by Watchmasters & Company are in like new original condition unless specifically stated. These Rolex watches have been owned by another entity since they left the Rolex Factory . We do not wish to mislead or appear that we purchase watches directly from Rolex as we do not. Watchmasters is not authorized or affiliated with Rolex USA in any way. The addition of custom or aftermarket accessories or parts will void manufacturers original warranty and prohibit or preclude factory service.

4) Where does Watchmasters & Company get its Rolex watches?

Our Rolex watches and other brands come from highly respected watch industry wholesalers and as Trade-In pieces from our Customers.

5) Does Watchmasters & Company have a store or shop I can visit when I am in Virginia?

Yes, we have an actual Watch Shop / Studio in Virginia. We have a display of Rolex antiques, Rolex history and Vintage watchmaker items. Please call for a special appointment when you are in town!

6) What are custom Rolex dials?

A Custom Rolex Dial is NOT considered to be 100% manufactured by Rolex.

Custom Dials are factory original Dial Plates / Dials that have been enhanced by Master Dialmakers and Stonesetters with real Mother-of-Pearl,Diamonds, prescious stones etc. The quality is exquisite and dazzling adding value, beauty and desirability to your timepiece only at tremendous savings over a pure factory dial. However, the addition of a Custom Accessory may void Manufacturers Warranty and Rolex will not offer factory service for this watch.

7) When I purchase from Watchmasters & Company, how do I pay?

At our store location, in person, we accept Visa / Mastercard, personal check, cash or money order. For Phone or Internet Sales in the Continental U.S., we accept Visa, MasterCard at our option with acceptable verification. SHIPMENT WILL ONLY BE MADE TO AN ADDRESS THAT IS REGISTERED WITH YOUR CARD…billing address, etc.

We will ONLY SHIP within the United States. Contact us for Bank Wire information. Shipment will only be made when funds post to our account.

8) Do I pay sales tax?

Sales Tax is charged on items shipped within Virginia, USA.

9) How does Watchmasters & Company ship?

Shipping within the continental U.S. is generally within 2 to 5 business days from the time of your order. We ship on Monday and Tuesday each week, U.S. Postal, Express / Overnight mail with tracking numbers for security.

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