Fine Watch Service and Repair

Rolex watch serviceHere at Watchmasters we take service very seriously. Each Watch we are entrusted with is a highly prized possession to its wearer. It is symbolic of a major achievement or event in their life and has deep meaning. We have serviced countless watches belonging to Political Leaders, School Teachers, Movie Stars and Hollywood figures, Veterans of every Service, past and present, Corporate Leaders and Hard-Working folks just like you.

We have restored many fine watches, including vintage Rolex watches.  We are always happy to speak with you about the condition and service needs of your watch.

Fine Watch / Rolex Watch Service Includes:

  • Movement Take-Down, inspection for wear or damage
  • Parts go through 3 cleaning baths and rinse to remove dirt and old oil.
  • Parts / Jewels are hand lubricated with proper Spec. Lubricants.
  • Mainspring is replaced and/or cleaned and lubricated.
  • Movement and Auto-Rotor are re-assembled and checked
  • Hands and dial indexes are cleaned and re-assembled.
  • Case and Bracelet are detail cleaned and re-finished to factory Specs.
  • Acrylic Crystals are ALL replaced with factory new. Sapphire / seals only.
  • Crown, Tube and Case seals are replaced, Watch Re-Assembled.
  • Electronically Tested and Regulated in 3 positions, Pressure Tested.

Disclaimer:  Rolex is a registered trademark of Rolex USA. Watchmasters is not affiliated in any way or authorized by Rolex USA. Please contact or visit a Rolex or any other fine timepiece brand, Authorized Service Center for their detailed recommendations, service terms and conditions BEFORE contacting Watchmasters or any other non-authorized entity.  These Authorized Service Centers will perform the most detailed, complete service possible for your fine timepiece.  You are responsible to ask questions and be completely informed of the attention, by anyone, to be given to your fine timepiece.

Note: This is the general procedure this varies from watch to watch, style and condition. Rusted / non-working watches priced on inspection, Damaged parts are extra. 2-3 week turn-around. Pricing and Service acceptance of other brands offered on an individual basis. The addition of aftermarket accessories or parts will void manufacturers original warranty and would prohibit or preclude factory service.

Fine Watch Service Pricing: Offered upon inspection

All vintage pre-1970 models and non-working watches or “wet” watches priced on inspection. We reserve the right not to offer service on heavily damaged watches.

Note:  We recommend shipping via US Postal Express/Overnight. Provide us with your e-mail and package tracking number. We will notify you immediately upon receipt and before return.